When you taste a Madeleine Mado in Paris, you taste much more than a treat. You're going to meet Mado…

"Today it is obvious to me to share with you this family history, and to create for you sunny breaks bringing joy and good humor in your days"

From an authentic family history, "Mado in Paris" was born. Madeleine, nicknamed Mado, was born in Brittany in 1924. Her first passion took her to the other side of the world, in an international career, with the ballet of the Opera de Nice and Nina Lopez. Touring all around the world, from Saigon to Cairo, Beirut and Paris, the star shines with her warmth, joie de vivre and charisma.

Her second passion, she shares it with me, her niece, every time she returns from tours. Our favorite recipe? the madeleine of course, the one Mado cooks. I remember the aroma of her madeleines, the flavors of the end of the world that she brings me as a gift.

An incitement to travel, which filled my child's eyes with boundless admiration! I imagine in every bite of this little cake happiness, beauty, magic and the mystery of her adventures.

Mado crunched into life as she crunched into a madeleine, with joy, generosity, sincerity and mischief. This little pastry still resonates in me as a magical and authentic moment, a delicious pleasure, a Mado to share with love.

Today it is an evidence for me to share this family history with you, and to create for you sunny breaks bringing joy and happiness in your days!

With happiness,
Her niece
The creator